My Non-Existent 2nd Video

As you can see, I have left the published post “IMATS TORONTO 2013” blank for over a month now. Is it because I’m too lazy to edit the video? No. It is because I can’t finish editing the video? Maybe. It is because I can’t put out the video? Yes, and for good reasons.

I dabbed into the field of make up and “beauty guru” through my best friend S last Christmas after she proposed the idea of a “best friend YouTube channel”. Since then I have been actively learning and absorbing all the content I can find in the YouTube beauty guru community in order to be able to create meaningful content. Many months, dollars, and failed attempts (of filming together) later, I recorded, edited, and published my first video.

Honestly, it was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed talking to people around me about my video ideas, I had fun goofying around in front of the camera, and then watch myself do it again after. I learned a lot about editing, about filming, and most importantly, about how I am seen in the eyes of others. It was an eye-opening experience to say the least.

Then why am I not putting out my 2nd video?

Gut reaction. It’s that faint yet powerful gut wrenching feeling telling me that no, that’s not what you’re passionate about, that’s not what you stand for, and that’s certainly not what you want to be spending any more of your time and money on. My heart probably found that out after my brain decided that hauls are probably the most unhealthy kind of videos on YouTube.

So what DO I want to put out?

Creativity, happiness, purpose. I want to juice my brain out for the brightest ideas, turn them into videos that bring so much joy to all the people watching and I want my videos to have a purpose.

So stay tuned for a super exciting series I’m hoping to produce over the winter break and keep on following happygocarol.

Good night y’all.



TLDR: Lorde, Reading & A Good looking Chick

Small exams small play, big exams big play. That’s what daddy said when young Carol was still swimming in the sea of ranks and fighting my way through the public education system in People’s Republic of China. 

Thus with the exponential increase in stress level and study hours lately, the time I spent in the creativity realm searching for inspirations multiplied simultaneously as well. 

Recent discoveries? If you’re interested in being inspired to read, write, sing, or simply become famous before 17, click here. If you decide to follow the first choice of the last option, and are in need of reading lists, here’s one by Ted and another one from Berkeley. If you just came here to read more about beauty, then check this girl out. If you desperately want to know what I have been up to for the past month, help yourself.

That sums up my e-activities for the past…8 hours. Talk about information overload.

I hope my inspirations can inspire you a little as well and brighten up your day like they did to mine. Or you can always resort to watching Bridesmaids.  



  1. Lise Watier – Portfolio Corrector
  2. Quo – Lashes in Flirty
  3. Adell – Eyelash Adhesive
  4. Urban Decay –  Little Sins Eyeshadow Potion Set
  5. Make Up Forever – Rouge Artist Intense Matte 7
  6. Make Up Forever – Rouge Artist Intense 20
  7. Revlon – Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking Spectaculaire
  8. Sally Hansen – Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Glitz Glitz


Best Purchase: Lise Watier Portfolio Corrector

  • highlighter, concealer, corrector…all in one!
  • expensive but there’s a lot of product which will last a really long time
  • only a little is needed every time for good coverage
  • love the purple for highlighting and mixing up the different shades of brown to conceal under eye bags

IMG_3344 copy

Worst Purchase: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking Spectaculire

  • really dry the lips, no “balm” effect
  • chubby stick/regular colorburst balm > matte balm any day