TLDR: Lorde, Reading & A Good looking Chick

Small exams small play, big exams big play. That’s what daddy said when young Carol was still swimming in the sea of ranks and fighting my way through the public education system in People’s Republic of China. 

Thus with the exponential increase in stress level and study hours lately, the time I spent in the creativity realm searching for inspirations multiplied simultaneously as well. 

Recent discoveries? If you’re interested in being inspired to read, write, sing, or simply become famous before 17, click here. If you decide to follow the first choice of the last option, and are in need of reading lists, here’s one by Ted and another one from Berkeley. If you just came here to read more about beauty, then check this girl out. If you desperately want to know what I have been up to for the past month, help yourself.

That sums up my e-activities for the past…8 hours. Talk about information overload.

I hope my inspirations can inspire you a little as well and brighten up your day like they did to mine. Or you can always resort to watching Bridesmaids.  



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